What the Critics are saying...

Seductive, golden timbre and virtuosic flair at Carnegie Hall.
- New York Times 

World Class musician.
- Los Angeles Times

...the virtuoso highlight of the evening with the Montreal Symphony.
- Montreal Gazette 

He performed brilliantly in the North American premiere of Bernd Alois Zimmermann's Concerto with the Toronto Symphony.
- Toronto Star 

Lindemann played with impeccable attacks and agility on the piccolo trumpet.
- The Clarin, Buenos Aires 

His ability to attack the highest pitches without ever getting an undesirable sound, his control of dynamics, and that gorgeous, mellow sound make Lindemann a true trumpet virtuoso. He played the instrument with a vocal quality and he made it seem effortless.
- Edmonton Journal 

Lindemann gave a stunning performance considered by many to be one of the most impressive concerts heard at any ITG conference.
- International Trumpet Guild, Texas 

It was a riveting performance heightened by Lindemann's stylish trumpet work.
- Detroit Free Press 

Shostakovich's Concerto No. 1 for piano, trumpet and strings was played with striking sensitivity by Jens Lindemann.
- Montreal Gazette 

Lindemann was riveting!
- LA Variety (Los Angeles) 

Bach's Second Brandenburg Concerto was the high point of the evening played brilliantly by Lindemann.
- Tagesblatt, Germany 

When world-class musicians like Lindemann perform, the artistic pleasure cannot be topped.
- Der Rheinpfalz, Germany 

Trumpeter Jens Lindemann was featured in a bravura perfomance of Concerto No.1 in E flat by Johann Wilhelm Hertel. Lindemann's sound is sweet and his tecghnique is utterly assured. In fact, his virtuosity makes less of an impression than that of a lesser trumpeter, just because he makes everything sound so effortless.
- Ottawa Citizen

Jens Lindemann plays the trumpet the way the trumpet should be played. He is North America's preeminent trumpet soloist.
- Mark Gould, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

I have worked together musically and exchanged many ideas with Jens Lindemann. It has been a great joy for me to observe his clear musical intelligence and brilliant ability on the trumpet.
- Konradin Groth, Berlin Philharmonic

Jens Lindemann is one of the most outstanding trumpeters performing today. Jens possesses a unique blend of poetic artistry and technical prowess that is rarely seen.
- Michael Sachs, The Cleveland Orchestra

His mastery of the trumpet has made Jens Lindemann one of the greatest virtuosos of the instrument. He is renowned and respected throughout Europe.
- Chandler Goetting, Bavarian Radio Orchestra (Munich)

Jens is an amazing player with a wonderful sound and sparkling technique. Even more impressive is his ability to move between styles with such ease. His piccolo trumpet playing is beyond compare.
- David Bilger, Philadelphia Orchestra

Jens Lindemann is at the forefront of today's trumpet virtuosos, be it jazz, classical, or contemporary. His concerts and masterclasses are simply not be missed!
- James Thompson, Montreal Symphony/Atlanta Symphony

While Jens' technical fluidity is obviously brilliant, it is his purity of tone and honest expressiveness which sets him above any other brass soloist in the world.
- Michael Vrielink, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

Jens is a fabulous trumpet player on many levels. He has a dazzling technique, a beautiful sound and plays with a natural sense of musicality. His ability to play any style of music will keep you listening for more.
- Neil Balm, New York City Ballet Orchestra

Jens Lindemann is quite possibly one of the most captivating performers you will ever hear. His command over the trumpet is equaled only by his command over the audience. His musicianship, his fearlessness, and his wardrobe will inspire everyone!
- Mike Zonshine, Honolulu Symphony

Jens Lindemann possesses a sweetness of sound and clarity of expression that would make Gabriel jealous. he is the reigning prince of the solo trumpet world and heir apparent to the throne
- Rodney Mack, Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra

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