Announcements: Canadian Heroes Trilogy

Canadian Heroes Trilogy

Hero: a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. With that definition in mind, Jens Lindemann has created this suite as a tribute to three men who not only fit that description, but were also close personal friends and mentors. All were iconic Canadians admired around the world and justifiably celebrated here at home. These musical portraits pay homage to their heroic legacies.

Senator Tommy Banks, ‘Reminiscenceʼ

Considered one of the most iconic musicians in Canadian history, Tommy Banks was a pianist, composer, arranger, conductor, TV personality, businessman and Senator. He was also one of Jensʼ most important friends and mentors with whom he concertized, toured and recorded back-to-back Juno nominated recordings in 2016 and 2017. This work was originally written as part of a double concerto for piano and saxophone by Canadian composer Allan Gilliland but Tommy never had the chance to play it. The composition now stands alone in this format and has been retitled ‘Reminiscenceʼ as a musical tribute to Tommyʼs incredible life and career. For Jens, the long final note was simply about not wanting to let go of a friend and holding on with a last breath of air. “Remember kid, itʼs the ‘music businessʼ which is two words… keep that straight and youʼll be fine.”-Tommy Banks

Ambassador Ken Taylor, ‘Diplomatʼ

For his pivotal role in harboring six Americans for three months during the Iran hostage crisis of 1979, Ken Taylor was celebrated as a hero both in Canada and the United States. Having been a close personal friend since 1992, this work was written for Ken by Jens along with noted Emmy Award winning composer Jay Chattaway as a musical portrait of Ambassador Taylor’s extraordinary life. Opening with a speech by President Jimmy Carter, a noble theme depicting Ken’s understated personality is followed by a contemporary groove from that era paying tribute to his western Canadian roots. This ends suddenly with a rhythmic juxtaposition represeting the historic world tension of the time coupled with Ken’s cool, elegant demeanor. A final musical send-off with a lone trumpet and piano is accompaneid by the words of President Ronald Reagan expressing the pride of an entire nation thanking this true Canadian hero.

Premier Peter Lougheed, ‘Legacyʼ

Composed by Jens Lindemann, ‘Legacyʼ is a tone poem representing the life and career of this revered Alberta Premier who received a Canadian state funeral upon his passing in 2012. As an iconic politician who led the booming energy industry in Alberta, Peter Lougheed was also pivotal in recognizing the need to support Banff Centre which is now a leading international arts institution and the location where this recording took place. Jens has known the Lougheed family since the 1980ʼs and went to high school with one of Peterʼs sons, Joseph who is now a noted Calgary lawyer (and was a spectacular trombone player back in the day!). Itʼs six continuous sections are described as:

     I       Lougheed … the dawn of a political legacy (0:00–2:20)
     II      Career ... a political champion is born (2:20–3:03)
     III     1-9-5-2 Love … pitches outlined in piano and also the year that Peter and Jeanne married (3:03–4:28)
     IV     Battle ... over the National Energy Program (4:28–5:02)
     V      Virtuosity …. his ability to create harmony from chaos (5:02–6:16)
     VI     Legacy … the dusk of a political giant (6:16–end)

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