All Star Brass

The All Star Brass was born out of a concept that developed after hearing the string quartet recordings of Stern, Perlman, Zukerman, and Ma. I decided that I wanted to form a collective of the greatest brass soloists in the world, who all had independent careers but wanted to get together for the synergy of playing live chamber music. The challenge was to coordinate everyone’s insane schedule, rehearse for three days, and then record a live concert for posterity—trying to feature only compositions and arrangements that had never been done before. The setting? The highly inspirational Banff Centre located in the majestic Canadian Rockies.

- Jens Lindemann, Artistic Director

All Star Brass: Banff Centre Residency
July 21 – August 1, 2015

2015 Banff program information DRAFT
(will be finalized in mid-November)

All Star Brass Reviews

The "Pines Project" is a terrific example of musicians reaching out to bring classics to a broader audience. By transcribing this gargantuan work for smaller forces, it is now possible for people to hear the colors, rhythms and melodies of this beloved piece in new and different ways. Congratulations to all concerned for a job well done!
- Leonard Slatkin, Conductor

Listened and watched the Pines.  Wow, what a terrific arrangement and performance by all of you folk! Great playing all the way around! A real tour de force! Congratulations.
- Philip Smith, New York Philharmonic - Principal Trumpet (retired)

This arrangement of Pines of Rome is highly successful, and it is fantastically played. Bravo!
Gábor Tarkövi, Berlin Philharmonic - Solo Trumpet

The Respighi is formidable — and what better way to start than with that incredible horn lick up front — Marty’s still got it that’s for sure.
- Chuck Daellenbach, Canadian Brass

The answer to the old question – “How many brass players does it take…” has plummeted thanks to the All Star Brass! The Pines project is an incredible achievement and musical gem. WOW.
- Scott Hartman, Empire Brass (former)

Another new standard has been set for all of us to achieve! The bar has been raised. So cleverly arranged and would recommend this to all aspiring brass ensembles. Congratulations!
- Joseph Alessi, New York Philarmonic - Principal Trombone 

Wow! Great video, unbelievable performance, your clarinet solo is absolutely great, I have never thought I would say something like this but: in your arrangement and in your performance by brass players and percussion I DO NOT MISS any woodwind instrument! I am deeply impressed! Thanks for sharing it and thanks for working on “classical" stuff like this with your crazy brass friends from all over the world! I love it!
- Matthias Schorn, Vienna Philharmonic - Solo Clarinet

What spectacular playing!!  Bravo on a great arrangement and performance.
- Dave Hickman, Summit Brass - Founder and President

The All Star Brass have been a highpoint of the Banff Summer Festival. Their recent success with the virtuosic arrangement of Respighi's Pines of Rome is possible because they are both extraordinary soloists, and deeply committed chamber musicians that have a capacity for sound, colour and blend that is stunning.
- Barry Shiffman, St. Lawrence String Quartet - Founding Member

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